Heart-Pounding Flight

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"Heart-Pounding Flight"
Heart-Pounding Flight.png
Default Music
Electro pop

Heart-Pounding Flight is played on the Candyland stage and the level for each difficulty was designed by Howard_Y. Heart-Pounding Flight is one of the 6 songs that are played on the start screen.

Max Combo per Difficulty[edit | edit source]

Max Combo 104 175 -

Lyrics[1][edit | edit source]

It's a trip of pleasant time 
It is a dream of stories full of your beats and rhymes 
Now you take off For the sky 
and you have your wings unfold 
no one dare to deny 
This is a pleasant trip. 
This is a dream filled with your own rhythm. 
Take off to the sky. 
No one can deny that your wings are 
Mysterious encounter happens in a second to me 
When a Song ripples with your touch 
Think if you never feel nostalgic for the once-forgotten voice 
Deaf as no melodies wake your ears up 
Lost in aimless silence 
No way out, no entrance 
Can you hear us sing with a heartbeating rhythm 
Will you join in our journey ?
The mysterious cockroach only happens in a moment. 
When you touch a song, 
you assume that you have never missed a forgotten voice. You have never 
been awakened by melody. It is like deafness. 
Lost in a silent purpose. 
You ca n't escape. You can hear us. Listening to the heartbeat, 
you will 

walk with us. Listen to us without asking why 
When you find our songs seem to have been heard before 
We have met you somewhere else 
Where you see the first light of the dawn 
when you think our songs are familiar 
just listen, no doubt 
you see the first rays of dawn where we had met 

It's a TRIP All that you as Combine at the Melodic Pieces of Mind with our Signs 
Now see you at the Brilliant Shine at the Way wE Lighting up the Find 
the just the SET Out for a trip of pleasant time 
where you can dream of stories full of your beats and rhymes 
Now you take off for the sky 
and you have your wings unfold
No one dare to deny 
that you can fly 
on this trip, you will connect the pieces of thought with our melody message. 
You have seen the dazzling light illuminate the direction. 
Just carry this pleasant travel 
experience full of you. Rhythmic Dreams 
Take Off in the Sky 
No one can deny your open wings

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